Plants and Mulch in Harrisonburg
Plants and Mulch in Harrisonburg

Retail Garden Center

We have several varieties of mulch available and currently stock thousands of shrubs and trees.

Hours of Operation:

We are currently open (March through October) Monday through Saturday from 8am to 5 pm or by appointment at any other time. Call us at 540.432.7300.

It's that time of year... Mums are here!

Currently in Stock:

Hardwood Mulch:


Sifted Topsoil: 32/scoop

*Use our Quantity Calculator to figure out how much you need for your job HERE.

Plants (call for pricing):

We receive regular plant shipments; give us a call if you require something that's not listed here, it's likely we may already have it on site or we'll gladly order it for you.

Arborvitae, Emerald Green
Phlox, Assorted
Astilbe, “”visions””
Azalea , Sun Glow
Azalea Furume Snow
Azalea Girard’s Purple
Azalea, ”Hershey Red”
Azalea, Bonsai
Azalea, Girard’s Rose
Azalea, Pleasant White
Azalea, Tradition
Barberry, Crimson Pygmy
Barberry, Rose Glow
Barberry, Warty
Barberry, Wintergreen
Beech, “Purple Fountain”
Berberis, Rose Glow
Birch, Clump River
Birch, Corkscrew
Black Eyed Susan
Blue Mist
Blue Spruce, Globe
Boxwood, Wintergreen
Burning Bush
Burning Bush
Butterfly Bush, Assorted
Cedar, Weeping Blue Atlas
Cherry Laurel
China Boy
China Girl
Cleveland Pear Chanticleer
Coneflower, Assorted
Crabapple, Show Time
Crepe Myrtle Tuskarora
Crepe Myrtle, Natchez
Cypress, Leyland
Daylilly, Assorted
Deutzia, Nikko
Dogwood, Bailey’s Red Twig
Dogwood, Cherokee Princess
Dogwood, Kousa
Dogwood, Stellar Pink
Fothergilla, Dwarf
Fothergilla, Mt. Airey
Fringe Tree
Globe Spruce Grafted
Globe Spruce, Smaller
Gold Mop
Hens & Chicks
Holly, Apollo (Male)
Holly, China Girl
Holly, Green Luster
Holly, Sky Pencil
Holly, Soft Touch
Holly, Sparkle Berry (Female)
Hosta, Assorted
Hydrangea Blue Wave
Hydrangea Grandiflora
Hydrangea Grandiflora
Hydrangea Unique
Hydrangea, Alice
Hydrangea, Dooley
Hydrangea, Nikko Blue
Hydrangea, Oak Leaf
Hydrangea, Preziosa
Itea, Henry’s Garnett
Ivy, English
Japanese Blood Grass
Juniper, Blue Pacific
Juniper, Gold Lace
Juniper, Nana
Juniper, Sea Green
Juniper, Seargeant
Juniper, Spartan
Liriope, Verigated
Lilac, Miss Kim
Lilly, Stargazer
Liriope Big Blue
Magnolia Little Gem
Maple, Autumn Blaze
Maple, Bloodgood
Maple, Japanese Red Lace Leaf
Maple, October Glory
Maple, October Glory
Maple, Red Sunset
Maple, Red Sunset
Maple, West Grove
Miscanthus Sinensis Adagio
Miscanthus, Assorted
Nandina, Domestica
Nandina, Dwarf
Pampas Grass
Phlox, Assorted Creeping
Phlox, Emerald Blue
Phlox, Emerald Pink
Phlox, Fort Hill
Phlox, Garden
Phlox, Scarlet Flame
Phlox, Snow Flake
Pieris Japonica Mountin Fire
Plum, Purple Leaf, ””
Potentilla (Gold Drop)
Pyracantha, ”mohave”
Pyracantha, Rutgers
Redbud, Forest Pansy
Redbud, Texas White
Rhodadendrin, Assorted
Rose, "Rainbow" Knock Out
Rose, Red Knock Out
Rose, Pink Knockout
Seedum, Autumn Joy
Shenandoah Switch Grass
Spirea, Little Princess
Spirea, Neon Flash
Spirea, Snowmound
Spruce, Bird’s Nest
Spruce, Colarado Blue
Summer Cypress
Summersweet, Hummingbird
Summersweet, Ruby Spice
Summersweet,“September Beauty”
Viburnum Utile, Conoy
Viburnum, Korean Spice
Vinca (Periwinkle)
Weeping Willow
Weigelia, Dark Horse
Weigelia, Tango
Willow Oak

Other Landscaping Materials (call for pricing and availability):

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Mums in Harrisonburg