We are pleased to offer delivery service of our products to you. Our vehicles are not intended for off-road use, and weigh significantly more than standard vehicles, even when empty. Typically, product is dumped on a driveway or other hard, level surface. We’re happy to accommodate reasonable requests to dump in unusual places if doing so helps lessen your workload, under the following conditions.

Our drivers are well trained, familiar with the capabilities of the truck and themselves. It is ultimately the driver’s decision as to whether your request can be accommodated reasonably safely without likely damage to your property or ours, or risk of injury.

In the event the driver does not feel your request can be accommodated, you must provide an alternative dump site that is safe and legal (we are not allowed to dump on county/city streets).

If an alternate dump site cannot be provided, we can refund the cost of the product, less a loading fee of 10% and delivery charges at our discretion.

In the event that you request our driver leave a paved surface to dump in any sort of lawn, sloped area, soft or otherwise questionable area, you, the undersigned, accept any and all responsibility for any damage done to the property, including, but not limited to, damage to edges of paved surfaces, lawn or landscape areas or trees, structures or utility junctions or lines, vehicles or other property, etc.

In addition, you, the undersigned, agree to be responsible for any damage, recovery fees, or repairs to our vehicle in the event of damage caused while attempting to accommodate your request.

By checking the box, you agree that you have read, understand, and agree with these terms, and are the owner of, or authorized to make such a decision for the property listed below.