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One year guarantee

PLANT Installation

Grass Roots Landscaping, Inc. guarantees the viability of any plants we install for a period of one year (annual plants excluded). We guarantee your plants to be disease and pest free at the time of installation, but cannot guarantee against infestation due to conditions already existing on site. Guarantee does not cover damage due to acts of God, neglect (lack of watering), vandalism, theft, pests such as deer or rabbits, etc. We will replace any plant that does not perform within one year of installation. We will match as closely as possible the size and species of the original plant. We reserve the right to substitute similar material if the quality or availability of original material is not acceptable. Any replacement material shall be warranteed for the remainder of the original warranty period only.

Structural guarantee


We understand that your new hardscape feature represents a significant investment. That’s why we stand behind our work with an unmatched 10 year structural guarantee on our retaining wall installations, a 5 year structural guarantee on our patio and walkway installations, and a lifetime guarantee on materials. Retaining walls are guaranteed not to bulge, shift, or sink in any way during the warranty period. Patios and walkways constructed of paving stones are guaranteed to remain level overall, having no more than a 1/2 inch difference in elevation within the area of one square foot or 1/4 inch at any specific joint. No guarantee is made in regard to cosmetic imperfections once installed. Guarantee does not cover damage due to acts of God, neglect, abuse, vandalism, etc. Any change in grade or drainage flow to the surrounding area that adversely affects the hardscape area will void warranty. Warranty does not transfer upon sale of property.


We guarantee that your lawn will be installed according to industry standards including preparatory work if contracted. In the case of turf seeding, we guarantee that with proper watering, your lawn will germinate acceptably. Because both sod and turf seed are perishable products, the success of the installation depends wholly on care given after the installation and we cannot make guarantees related to continued viability.